Shakers in CO2 Incubators: The Key Points to Consider

Using laboratory shakers in CO2 incubators has become a standard in many labs. However, for a successful outcome there are a couple of key factors that everyone should be aware of. The main benefits of using shaken cultures versus static are related to what you can get in a given time i.e. Better aeration and … Read more

Culturing stem cells in shakers

Shaken stem cells exhibit far better, scalable growth than static stem cell cultures. There are two agitation options: either in a suitable incubation shaker or in an incubator with a specialized benchtop shaker compatible for use in the CO2 atmosphere. In order to successfully culture stem cells in a suspension or on microcarriers, the shaker or … Read more

Culturing stem cells in a bioreactor

Successfully culturing stem cells in a bioreactor requires precise monitoring and control of certain critical process parameters, such as pH, dissolved oxygen concentration and temperature, as well as biochemical parameters, such as the concentrations of important nutrients, metabolites and growth factors. Another particularly important factor for stem cell cultivation in a bioreactor is preventing cell … Read more