Parallel bioreactor for bioprocess development

Parallel bioreactor system for small-scale bioprocesses

With Multifors 2 you can work with up to six bioprocesses in parallel. Thanks to a selection of preconfigured packages and a variety of connection possibilities and options, you will be ideally equipped for optimizing sophisticated bioprocesses on a small scale.

Technical Details

Vessels 0,4 L / 0,75 L / 1,4 L
Working volume 0,15–0,25 L / 0,18–0,5 L / 0,32–1 L
Dimensions (W x D x H) 350 mm x 520 mm x 960 mm
Drive Magnetic drive to 1600 min-1
Temperature Coolant temperature + 5 °C to 70 °C
Gassing per vessel Up to 4 rotameters oder MFCs up to 2 min-1 (vvm)
Pumps per vessel 3 fixed, 1 variable, optional 1 additional variable
Pump performance Depending on the design from 0,0012 mL min-1 to 3,46 mL min-1
Ports per vessel

7 mm 4x
10 mm 4x
12 mm (Pg13,5)  max. 5x

Connectivity OPC XML DA via Ethernet
Parallel operation via touch screen controller 3 base units, resp. 6 vessels
Sterilisation Autoclave

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