Our Brands

Bench-Top Shakers

Our orbital, bench-top shakers are designed to create homogenous mixing for successful cultivations. They are capable of holding any kind of laboratory vessels such as flasks, tubes or microplates. With their space-saving design the perfectly fit into most fume hoods and incubators.

Incubation Shakers

Our range of incubator shakers include both compact, bench-top systems as well as stackable units. Specialised versions for cell culture, microbial culture or phototrophic cultures are available. All our shaking incubators shakers feature intuitve programming as well as a large overall capacity.


Primarily designed for research and small scale production, INFORS HT benchtop bioreactors offer the best solutions for mammalian cells, bacteria, yeast and algae cultivations.

Pilot Scale Bioreactors

To fulfil the highest demands for flexibility with culture volumes from 20 L to 750 L, INFORS HT pilot bioreactors have been designed to keep your bioprocess one step ahead.