Suitable for mRNA, protein expression and media development

Highest capacity for microorganisms and insect cells

Multitron Standard, this incubation shaker comes standard with everything you need for microbial applications and insect cell cultures. All you need to determine is the number of units, the shaking throw and if a cooling is needed — and then you can get right to work.

Technical Details

Dimensions (W x D x H) 875 x 1070 x 550 mm (one unit) / 875 x 1070 x 1760 mm (three units)
Maximum working height 135 mm (one unit) / 1300 mm (three units)
Number of batches 197 per unit
Volume 21 L per unit
Maximum load 19 kg per unit
Maximum expansion Up to 3 units can be stacked
Rotation speed 20–400 min-1 depending on load and stacking
Shaking throw 25 mm / 50 mm
Temperature 6 °C above RT to 65 °C
12 °C below RT to 65 °C (with top cooling)
13 °C below RT to 65 °C (with lateral cooling)
Minimum temperature 4 °C
Standard parameters Temperature, rotation speed, timer
Optional parameters Cooling
Ambient humidity (rH) Up to 85 % non-condensing
Power supply 115/230 V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz
Interface serial
Tray capacity Shake flask sizeM tray (850 mm x 470 mm)
25 mL=19
750 mL=131
100 mL=91
250 mL=48
500 mL=31
1000 mL=19
2000 mL=13
3000 mL=9
4000 mL=8
5000 mL=6