Labfors 5

The Labfors 5 is suitable for microorganisms, phototrophic organisms as well as solid subtrates and enzymatic bioprocesses. There are almost no limits to its use.

Make six out of one

Would you like to organise your laboratory work more efficiently? Then connect your touchscreen control to up to six Labfors 5 bioreactors. You can operate them simultaneously, and save time by, for example, calibrating all pH or pO2 sensors at the push of a button.

Vessels2 L / 3,6 L / 7,5 L / 13 L
Working volume0,5–1,2 L / 0,5–2,3 L / 1–5 L / 2,2–10 L
Dimensions (W x D x H)464 mm x 462 mm x 996 mm
DriveDirect drive up to 1500 min–1
TemperatureCoolant temperature + 5 °C to 70 °C
Gassing per vesselUp to 5 rotameters or MFCs up to 2 min-1 (vvm)
Pumps per vessel3 fixed, 1 variable, optional 1 additional variable 3
Pump performanceDepending on version, from 1,2 μl min–1 to 17,1 ml min–1
Ports per vessel  7 mm                max. 4x 
10 mm                2x
12 mm (Pg13,5) max. 6x
19 mm                max. 6x
ConnectivityOPC XML DA via Ethernet
Parallel operation via touch screen controllerup to 6 vessels
SterilisationAutoclave or LabCIP (microbial version)