Compact in-situ sterilizable bioreactor

In situ bioreactors made easy

Is the first step always the hardest? Not with the Techfors-S. The Techfors-S contains exactly the same components as our bench bioreactors. This ranges from the pumps via the gassing line to the touch screen controller and the associated software. Both beginners as well as process experts will be able to manage easily.

Technical Details

Vessels 15 l / 30 l / 42 l
Working volume 3–10 l / 5,3 l–20 l / 6–30 l
Dimensions (W x D x H) 1017 mm x 934 mm x 1841 mm
Drive Direct drive to 1200 min-1
Temperature Coolant temperature + 5 °C to 79 °C; to 125 °C for sterilisation
Gassing per vessel up to 4 MFCs
Pumps per vessel 4 fixed, optional 2 additional variable
Ports per vessel

Top plate:
19 mm    max. 9x

Vessel bottom:
25 mm    max. 5x

Connectivity OPC XML DA via Ethernet
Parallel operation via touch screen controller
Sterilisation Sterilisation-in-Place

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