Table-top incubation shaker for microorganisms

The Ecotron shaker is designed for microbial applications and users who want quality and performance with an excellent price-performance ratio.

Dimensions (W x D x H)635 mm x 630 mm x 630 mm
Number of batches49
Volume6 L
Maximum load10 kg
Maximum expansionUp to 2 units can be stacked
Rotation speed20 – 550 min–1 depending on load
Shaking throw25 mm
Temperature5 °C above RT to 65 °C
10 °C below RT to 65 °C with cooling
Standard parametersTemperature, rotation speed
Optional parametersCooling
Ambient humidity (rH)n/a
Power supply115/230 V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz
Tray capacityShake flask sizeE tray (420 mm x 420 mm)
25 mL=49
50 mL=49
100 mL=25
250 mL=25
500 mL=16
1000 mL=9
2000 mL=4
3000 mL=2
4000 mL=3
5000 mL=2