Shaker for CO2 incubators

Designed for use in CO2 incubators

For the best results in cell culture, every step counts. The Celltron is a small shaker specially developed for use in CO2 incubators — one that uses minimal energy and has an antimicrobial coating, making it perfect for starting out with shaking cell cultures.

Technical Details

Dimensions (W x D x H) 450 mm x 380 mm x 90 mm
Number of batches 49
Volume 3 L
Maximum load 2,5 kg
Maximum expansion n/a
Rotation speed 20 – 200 min-1
Shaking throw 25 mm
Temperature 4 °C to 60 °C
Standard parameters Rotation speed, timer
Optional parameters n/a
Ambient humidity (rH) n/a
Power supply 110/230V ±10 %, 50–60 Hz
Tray capacity
Shake flask size W tray (370 mm x 300 mm)
25 mL 48
50 mL 35
100 mL 23
250 mL 12
500 mL 8
1000 mL 5

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